NeuroUX is the leading Mobile Cognitive Testing  and EMA (Ecological Momentary Assessment) platform designed to empower researchers with a comprehensive suite of tools and unparalleled support. Our mission is to ensure the success of their study by providing a seamless, intuitive, and feature-rich platform that streamlines the entire research process.

One of the standout features of NeuroUX is its advanced data preprocessing capabilities, which simplify data integration and save researchers valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on what truly matters – generating meaningful insights.

Key Benefits

  1. Seamless Data Integration with Research Databases: With our data preprocessing support, researchers can effortlessly integrate and upload their EMA data directly into their preferred research databases, such as REDCap. This eliminates the need for manual data formatting and ensures a smooth transition from data collection to analysis.
  2. Customizable Data Formatting: Our team works closely with researchers to understand their specific data formatting preferences. Whether they need additional variables, custom labels, or specific data structures, we can tailor the data preprocessing to meet their exact needs.
  3. Flexible Data Formats and Raw Data Access: We provide preprocessed data in the widely-used CSV format, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of analysis tools and software. Additionally, researchers have the flexibility to access both the preprocessed and raw data, including metadata such as response times, giving them complete control over their research data.
  4. Cost and Time Efficiency: By leveraging our data preprocessing capabilities, researchers can significantly reduce the time and financial resources typically associated with manual data formatting and cleaning. This efficiency translates into faster project timelines, reduced costs, and the ability to scale their research without the burden of excessive data management.
  5. Expert Data Analysis Services: In addition to our data preprocessing and integration features, NeuroUX offers add-on data analysis services to help researchers gain deeper insights from their EMA studies. Our team of experienced data scientists can assist with statistical analysis, ensuring that they maximize the value of collected data and make informed decisions based on their research findings.

How do we support Data Preprocessing?

The data preprocessing process with NeuroUX starts with researchers providing their data formatting requirements and preferences. Our team then collaborates closely with the researchers to understand their specific needs and automates the necessary data preprocessing steps. We understand that research needs can evolve during the course of a study, and that's why we offer ongoing customization and support. Even after finalizing the initial data format, our team remains available to make any necessary adjustments or additions to ensure that the data continues to meet their specific requirements throughout the entire study.

NeuroUX is changing the landscape of Mobile Cognitive Testing and EMA research by offering the most advanced platform and exceptional service. With our cross-platform availability (web & mobile apps), strict adherence to HIPAA and GDPR regulations, and flexible data access options, NeuroUX empowers researchers to conduct their studies with unmatched efficiency and confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned researcher or just starting out, NeuroUX is the ultimate tool to help you unlock the full potential of your digital health study and drive meaningful change in your field. If you're planning to run an EMA study, we invite you to explore how NeuroUX can help you achieve your research objectives. Book a free demo or reach out to our team at to learn more about our platform and discuss your specific requirements.