Experience Sampling made Simpler

Our EMA Platform enables researchers to gain ecological validity by surveying people as they go about their routines

Our platform provides the simplest way to get your Experience Sampling study up and running, whether using in-person or remote enrollment.

Create your ideal EMA study workflow.

Send us questions and we'll do the rest.

Customisable Surveys

Make changes to your design, surveys and intervention content as you need to.

Secure Infrastructure

Our cloud-based platform provides HIPAA compliance and IRB-specific data-privacy management.

Richer Insights

Real-time access to data in a format that fits your analysis needs. You will own the data generated by your study

Push Notifications

Schedule flexible or fixed push notifications as per the message calendar.


Integrate data from various sources like physiological data, cognitive data & GPS.


Deliver follow up questions to specific responses within a multiple choice, multi-select, or rating scale question.

“NeuroUX has been an ideal research partner. What is most impressive about their team is their continuous improvement of their platforms, their responsiveness to queries and requests, and their ability to deliver highly customized mobile assessment tools that look and work great. I have recommended them without hesitation to many colleagues.”

Colin A. Depp, Ph.D.
Director, Research Education and Training
Clinical and Translational Research Institute, UCSD

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