Security and Privacy

Secure Data Storage
HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

We are compliant with the data security requirements of HIPAA and GDPR.



Trusted by Top Universities across the Globe

We take great care to protect the privacy of participants, maintain the security and authenticity of the data collected, and ensure the reliability of our platform.


Top-Tier Encryption

Strong encryption for data, both at rest and in transit.

IRB Compliance Assistance

Guidance and tools streamlined for ethical research approvals.

Data Anonymization

Ensure participant anonymity in datasets.

PHI & PII Protection

Robust protocols guarding personal and health data.

Restricted Data Access

Roles-based access controls for data.

Continuous Monitoring

24/7 oversight on platform activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What measures does NeuroUX take to ensure data security?

NeuroUX prioritizes data security at all stages. We utilize industry-leading encryption methods to protect data during transmission and when it's stored. Our adherence to both HIPAA and GDPR compliance underscores our commitment to upholding the highest data privacy and security standards. Furthermore, we guarantee that data is never shared with third parties, ensuring its confidentiality and integrity at all times.

How does NeuroUX align with IRB requirements and processes?

NeuroUX is designed with academic and clinical research standards in mind. We understand the critical importance of IRB approvals in research. Therefore, our platform offers features and documentation support that can aid researchers in their IRB submission processes, ensuring ethical and compliant data collection practices.

Where is the research data stored, and who has access to it?

Research data is stored on AWS servers located in the US region. If necessary, the location can be adjusted to meet specific needs. We prioritize data confidentiality and, as a result, access is stringently controlled, granted only to designated, authorized personnel. It's important to note that we never share data with third parties.

Is the data encrypted both in transit and at rest?

Yes, NeuroUX ensures robust security by encrypting data during transmission as well as when it's stored. This comprehensive encryption approach safeguards research data from unauthorized access and potential vulnerabilities.

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