Mobile Cognitive Tests

NeuroUX’s cognitive platform is made for researchers running studies on cognition in academic or commercial settings.

Key Domains Assessed

Emotion &

Engaging for participants, easier for sites

Hand Swype

A Cognitive Flexibility Task


A Working Memory Task

Money Wise

A Temporal Discounting Task

Memory Game

A Working Memory Task

Color Trick

An Executive Function TaskMental


A Working Memory Task

Quick Tap

A Simple Reaction Task

Quick Tap 2

An Inhibition Control Task

Matching Pair

A Processing Speed Task

Odd One Out

A Relational Reasoning Task

Memory Matrix

A Spatial Short-term Memory Task

Memory Path Task

A Visuospatial Memory Task

Verbal Memory Test

A Word Memorization Task

Guess the Emotion

A Social Cognitive Task

Match and tap

A Cognitive Control Task

Digit Symbol Task

A Processing Speed Task

Trail Making

A Visual Attention Task

Dot Tap

An Emotional Attention Bias Task

Cognitive tests published studies

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Initial Psychometric Properties of 7 NeuroUX Remote Ecological Momentary Cognitive Tests Among People With Bipolar Disorder: Validation Study

Authors:Raeanne C Moore, Emma M Parrish, Ryan Van Patten, Emily Paolillo, Tess F Filip, Jessica Bomyea, Derek Lomas, Elizabeth W Twamley, Lisa T Eyler, Colin A Depp
Year Published:2022
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Feasibility and validity of ecological momentary cognitive testing among older adults with mild cognitive impairment

Authors:Raeanne C. Moore, Robert A. Ackerman, Madisen T. Russell, Laura M. Campbell, Colin A. Depp, Philip D. Harvey and Amy E. Pinkham
Year Published:2022
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Ecological momentary facial emotion recognition in psychotic disorders

Authors:Colin A Depp, Snigdha Kamarsu, Tess F Filip, Emma M Parrish, Philip D Harvey, Eric L Granholm, Samantha Chalker, Raeanne C Moore , Amy Pinkham
Year Published:2022
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Our platform provides the simplest way to get your Cognitive Assessment study up and running, whether using in-person or remote enrolment.

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“NeuroUX has been an ideal research partner. What is most impressive about their team is their continuous improvement of their platforms, their responsiveness to queries and requests, and their ability to deliver highly customized mobile assessment tools that look and work great. I have recommended them without hesitation to many colleagues.”

Colin A. Depp, Ph.D.,
Director, Research Education and Training
Clinical and Translational Research Institute, UCSD

NeuroUX team makes mobile assessment extremely easy. The team is highly responsive to feedback, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. I am currently conducting two NIMH funded studies that incorporate Ecological Momentary Assessment, and Derek and his team have made this not only possible but enjoyable! I highly recommend them!

Amy Pinkham, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas

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