We’re excited to share a poster presented by our co-founder, Raeanne C. Moore, Ph.D., at TIPS 2023. Her presentation featured research using NeuroUX’s mobile cognitive testing platform.

The study established normative data from 8 tests administered repeatedly in a burst design to a representative and diverse sample of U.S. adults aged 20-79. This study fills a critical gap in mobile cognitive testing research by providing comprehensive psychometric normative data derived from brief self-administered tests on smartphones. Key findings characterized the reliability and practice effects vital for interpreting repeated testing performance. The study also examined how factors like demographic characteristics, phone type and testing environment impact results of at-home testing.

This work positions NeuroUX as a leader in mobile cognitive testing and demonstrates the platform's usefulness for diverse research and clinical evaluations.Interested to learn more about our approach? Let's connect to discuss collaboration opportunities leveraging NeuroUX's capabilities for measuring cognition anytime, anywhere.