Privacy Policy for the NeuroUX Software Application (“the NeuroUX Application” or “the App”)

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About the App

The App has been developed by Playpower Labs Inc. (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) to assesspatients or volunteers taking part in certain clinical studies (“Clinical Study”).

About the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy only applies to certain Technical Information (see below) that is collected by the App as you use it. The App also collects information that is used directly for your participation in the Clinical Study. Exactly what information of this type is collected will depend upon the nature of the Clinical Study, but may include your responses to questionnaires or tasks that you are asked to complete within the App. The privacy of this information, and your rights relating to it, are the responsibility of the organization conducting the Clinical Study, and this privacy policy relates only to the App and technical data it collects and not to the clinical data or your rights in relation to it, so please raise any questions about such information with your Clinical Study contact. As the App developers, to protect your identity, we are unable to assist you directly in such matters.

Information Collected by the App

The App collects the following technical information (“the Technical Information”):
What information are we collecting?
A record that the App requested activation, with the associated details:
  • The make and model of the phone it is installed on.
  • The version of the operating system running on the phone.
  • The version of the web browser (user agent) that is running on the phone.
  • Whether that activation was successfully completed.
Once the app is activated we record significant events in how the App is used, e.g. when it was opened from a notification, when a task was administered, and any errors the software encountered.
How are we storing it?
Held in our platform’s secure HIPAA-compliant servers and infrastructure in the USA.
Held in Our platform’s secure HIPAA-compliant servers and infrastructure in the USA.
What do we use it for?
The main reason we retain a record of when you installed the App, along with some details of the phone, is to better support your use of the App. It allows us to understand when you installed the App and helps us diagnose and resolve any problems quickly. In aggregate the data also allows us to understand the range of devices that Clinical Study participants use, allowing us to better tailor our product to support and promote more effective clinical trials
Only for support purposes, as described above.

Note: To protect your privacy, We cannot provide you with any direct support in using the app. Please raise any problems or questions with your Clinical Study contact.
Once the App is activated, the records described above are linked to your identifier in the Clinical Study for the purposes of enabling Our customer support. This allows us to know which site you are visiting in the Clinical Study, as well as any demographic or preferences information required for the App to work as needed for this Clinical Study.

However, We do not have access to any further personally identifiable information that the organization conducting the Clinical Study may store that would personally identify you (e.g. your name, address or contact details).

If the App requests a name to refer to you by when you interact with it, this name never leaves the phone and is not linked to the information in Our system.

In cases where you have installed the App on your own device, We do not store any identifier that uniquely identifies your device.

In the rest of this Privacy Policy we refer to “the App Information” as meaning the Technical Information set out above in this section.

We have processes in place to keep the App Information confidential.

Purpose for collecting App Information

We collect the App Information for the sole purpose of helping Us monitor, support and improve the App and other software applications.

Do you have to provide the App Information?

It is your decision whether to provide Us with the App Information, however, if you do not provide that information we are not able to grant access to the App. 

Basis for processing the App Information

We have a legitimate interest for processing the App Information in order to monitor, develop and support the App for you and other users of the App. The App Information collected and the processing of it is proportionate to that purpose and do not override your rights in the App Information. 

Who else do we share the App Information with?

App Information may be shared with the site staff operating the Clinical Study but only in the course of resolving a customer support query for the specific participant to whom it relates.

Retention period for the App Information

We retain the Technical Information for as long as necessary to provide the App.

Additional Information that May be collected by Playpower Labs

Playpower Labs may also collect the following information relating to you:
What information are we collecting?
Any personal information you choose to reveal to us, in error or otherwise, in the course of contacting us directly. For example, to raising a query about this privacy policy or to exercise your rights as a Data Subject (see below). For example: this may include your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and nature of your query.
How are we storing it?
Held in our help desk system.
What do we use it for?
Only for support purposes relating to servicing any queries directly associated with this privacy policy.

We shall not relate it to any specific technical Information collected by the App. Keep in mind that any questions or support requests regarding the App or any aspect of the Clinical Study must be directed to your clinical study contact. To protect your privacy, we are unable to assist you directly in such matters.

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