Integrate, Collect & Analyze

Enables researchers to monitor physiological data using wearables like Fitbit and Google Fit

Real-time ambulatory assessment in combination with in-the-moment self-report data is revolutionizing cognitive and psychological data collection.

Use NeuroUX to collect and analyze Fitbit Data

Get minute-to-minute granularity on your aggregated data set.

Use our platform to measure:
1. Physical Activity Data
2. Heart Rate Data
3. Sleep Data

Bring the power of wearable devices to your study.


Whether you're deploying wearables and activity trackers in a "real-world" trial or using them in a structured laboratory experiment, it's easy to connect devices to your study with our advanced secure authorization protocols.


Device data streams directly to NeuroUX. We collect and display realtime battery and sync information so you can make sure you’re collecting all the data you need. Use your study dashboard to view device information and stay on top of participant compliance.


Get data from in a format that fits your analysis needs. Monitor participants to see how things are going with simple reports at the click of a button. We offer you a variety of visualizations to analyze different time periods and data types.

Focus on what matters.

Our Fitbit data dashboard allows you to cut through the noise and focus solely on what’s mission-critical to your study's success.

“NeuroUX has been an ideal research partner. What is most impressive about their team is their continuous improvement of their platforms, their responsiveness to queries and requests, and their ability to deliver highly customized mobile assessment tools that look and work great. I have recommended them without hesitation to many colleagues.”

Colin A. Depp, Ph.D.
Director, Research Education and Training
Clinical and Translational Research Institute, UCSD

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