Patient Wellbeing Data in Medicine

Enables doctors to keep track of patient wellness outside hospital setting

Patient reported outcome measures can be a powerful source of data in medicine. However, there isn’t currently an easy way for doctors to collect patient wellness data over time.

Zensus is an interactive system that lets doctors schedule “wellness check-ins” to patient mobile phones. This allows for data collection after they leave the hospital setting, making it easier for doctors to keep track of patient wellness over time.

Why Zensus?


Mobile patient wellness monitoring is a powerful source of data in medicine. When longitudinal wellness data is easy to collect, it can support iterative data-informed improvement cycles in patient care.


In just two steps, caregivers can schedule wellness checkins for their patients. Personalized messaging can be delivered to patients in response to their answers, opening doors for automated interventions.


Zensus is designed to help patients feel good about reporting on their wellness. With “2 minute wellness check-ins”, patients know that the measurement won’t take too long. It can also be assigned to patient caregivers, such as spouses.

Benefits of patient wellness monitoring


Many medical research studies aim to identify interventions that improve patient’s quality of life. Zensus facilitates interactions between medical researchers and practitioners.


Patients increasingly expect medical care that is personalized to address their own needs. Zensus makes it easier for doctors to gain insight into the behavioral needs of patients.


Overall wellness correlates significantly with hospital readmissions and other disease management cost centers. Zensus improves the quality and efficiency of medical care.

Example Implementation

Patient X has just received an immunotherapy treatment for stage 4 cancer.

His doctor asks if he will be willing to share data about his wellbeing over the several weeks, prior to their next scheduled appointment.

Once the doctor adds the patient on Zensus, the patient starts receiving “2 minute wellness checkins” twice a week, via SMS.

The collection of all the data is aggregated into a flexible set of dashboards and reports for doctors and staff.

“NeuroUX has been an ideal research partner. What is most impressive about their team is their continuous improvement of their platforms, their responsiveness to queries and requests, and their ability to deliver highly customized mobile assessment tools that look and work great. I have recommended them without hesitation to many colleagues.”

Colin A. Depp, Ph.D.
Director, Research Education and Training
Clinical and Translational Research Institute, UCSD

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